National Defence Minister İsmet Yılmaz who is in Afghanistan for a three day visit has met the Turkish contingent in the capital Kabul.

Defence Minister Yılmaz in Kabul
Posted 04.04.2013 13:47:44 UTC
Updated 04.04.2013 13:47:44 UTC

Yılmaz was accompanied by Turkey's ambassador to Afghanistan Basat Öztürk and the Kabul security chief General Eyüp Saleng.

In a speech he delivered , addressing the Turkish troops, Yılmaz said serving the homeland is not limited to domestic service but that it also covers service abroad, adding that Turkish troops were in Afghanistan during the Atatürk era as well. He said further that Afghan people needed Turkey and Turkish troops were in Afghanistan not for combat but for development, peace and education and for the Turkish nation's Afghan brothers to prepare for the 21st century. National Defence Minister İsmet Yılmaz also said that Afghan officials, the President and the Defence Minister that he'd had talks with, wanted Turkish troops to stay in Afghanistan in the post-2014 period too and they were going to stay there . He thanked each and everyone of them on behalf of the Republic of Turkey.

After eating with the Turkish soldiers he visited Atatürk hospital within the premises, chatted with Afghan women who opened an exhibition of their handicrafts and gave them presents.

Yılmaz also visited a mosque built by the Turkish contingent.