The austerity measures introduced in Europe against the economic crisis have been protested by demonstrations in many countries across the continent upon the call of the European Trade Unions Confederation.

Europeans protest austerity measures
Posted 01.03.2012 13:35:30 UTC
Updated 01.03.2012 14:02:32 UTC

The demonstrators in Paris, Madrid, Barcelona, Warsaw, Brussels and Prague said consistently that it was the neo-liberal policies and not the social spending which triggered the economic crisis.

Those in Paris unfurled banners expressing their exasperation at the pursued policies and said they had no strength and patience to stand up to belt-tightening measures.

Hundreds of people in the Belgian capital Brussels said the government should find ways to increase employment instead of introducing austerity measures and lent support to the protests in Greece.

Seven thousand students have taken part in the protest demonstration in the capital Prague of the Czech Republic and have condemned the government's education reform. Demonstrators in the other cities of the country have also expressed anger at private education, likening schools to commercial companies.

The protesters who assembled before the parliament in the Polish capital Warsaw have denounced the governmnet's plan to raise the retirement age.

Thousands of others who took to the streets in Spain and Barcelona have said the austerity measures taken by the politicians were taking Spain to a dictatorship.

They said Germany was behind the belt-tightening measures and demanded that both the EU and Germany pursue more balanced policies catering to the needs of the people.