The Egyptian police have stormed the TRT Cairo bureau for what they have called an inspection.

TRT bureau in Cairo stormed
Posted 11.09.2013 06:32:11 UTC
Updated 11.09.2013 06:32:11 UTC

The bureau was scoured for six hours, its cameras and computers confiscated and Internet connection cut off.

7 officials from the Egyptian police organization arrived at the TRT bureau at about noon yesterday , questioning the TRT correspondent Semir Yorulmaz who was there at the time about the documents and searched through everything.

They particularly asked if there was any technical equipment for live broadcast, taking away with them some documents, cameras , PCs and other equipment.

A lawyer hired by the Turkish embassy in Cairo was also present during the search.

TRT correspondent Metin Turan was taken into custody on August 17 during the operation carried out at El Fateh mosque and later arrested.

A similar raid was launched at the Anatolia News Agency bureau in Cairo last week and its editor in chief taken into custody to be released later on bail.

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