Anti-war demonstrations have become widespread as “the war option” gains weight in the nuclear tension between Iran and the West.

Anti-war sentiments on rise in Europe
Posted 25.03.2012 12:52:27 UTC
Updated 25.03.2012 12:52:27 UTC

Anti-war protestors in the British capital London staged a protest against a possible military intervention into Iran.

While Israel is trying to convince the West to use the military operations option against Iran, anti-war protests are rising. The demonstrators in London protested the war lobby and interventionist policies. Choosing Trafalgar Square, which was named after a war, as their site for the protest, the anti-war demonstrators laid on the ground to draw attention to the deaths that a possible war will cause in the region.

The anti-war protestors, warning that any military intervention into Iran will drag the whole region into a chaos, also got tough on the UN Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA).

The protestors recalled that in a previous report of its own, the IAEA said Iran had no intention of a nuclear armament, but now the agency changed its mind and says totally the opposite. The protestors claimed that such a twist in the IAEA report is a result of the change in the leadership of the UN agency which also led a change in the agency’s policies.

After the protests that lasted an hour, the anti-war demonstrators ended the gathering in Trafalgar Square.