The President of the UN General Assembly Nassir Abdulaziz Al-Nasser said he is pleased with Turkey's proposal to host the next Friends of Syria meeting in İstanbul.

Al-Nasser highlights Turkey’s importance
Posted 25.02.2012 11:18:01 UTC
Updated 25.02.2012 11:50:08 UTC

Spokesperson for the President of the UN General Assembly Nihal Saad said al-Nasser appreciated the efforts of the Tunisian government hosting the first meeting of the Friends of the Syria meeting, and is pleased with Turkey's suggestion to organize the second one in İstanbul.

Al-Nasser said further in his statement that "A major regional actor itself and neighbour of Syria, Turkey is a country of key importance."

The statement also said that the Friends of Syria meeting, the fact that the UN and the Arab League jointly appointed Kofi Annan to Syria as a special envoy, and the resolution that the UN General Assembly reached on 16 February, show the political will and commitment of the international community to solve the Syrian crisis by working together.

Paying the first official visit to Ankara in his capacity as the UN General Assembly President, al-Nasser will depart from Turkey after the mediation conference ends in İstanbul.