A collective film has been shot on the same day in every country of the world.

A day in the world
Posted 23.04.2012 13:21:57 UTC
Updated 23.04.2012 13:21:57 UTC

People from every corner of the globe captured images of the world around them for one day, on the same day of week.

Thus, they filmed “the first movie shot on the same day in every country.”

10.10.2010 is date of the simultaneous and collective filming of the world.

Using their mobile phones; young people, professional documentary directors, people form every age, race, culture as well as members of over 60 NGO’s sent the images they captured for the day.

“One Day on Earth”, a 2-hour documentary was produced by editing 3 thousand-hours of images that were shot by around 20 thousand people around the world.

The documentary became the first film shot on the same day in every country of the world.

The film tells the story of how different stories people on earth live on single day, and displays diverse regions, events and achievements before the global eyes.

“There was a huge participation thanks to United Nations Development Programme support. People from everywhere in the world tells the story they choose to share with others,” said the project supervisor.

The project creators say they wanted to create a cooperation platform in which people can discover both their differences and similarities, and thus become familiar.

The global screening of the film was made on The Earth Day in more than 170 countries.