The trial of Anders Behring Breivik, who carried out the biggest massacre in Norway’s recent history, is going on.

Norway tries to deal with “Breivik trial”
Posted 18.04.2012 11:27:17 UTC
Updated 18.04.2012 11:40:47 UTC

On the third day of his trial at the Oslo Regional Court, Breivik is being cross-examined.

However, Breivik, the worst mass killer Norway ever seen, is said to have got the chance to propagate his fanatical racist views to the court and the world.

The Norway's worst mass killer keeps trying to legitimize his acts of violence and unfortunately shows no sign of remorse.

Breivik did not respond the questions regarding the people or groups that he is related with.

Psychiatrists have asked for his brain MRi in order to analyze the attacker’s mental status. But, Breivik is so sure of his mental capabilities as well as of his mental status.

Survivors of his attack and relatives of the victims are so worried that Breivik is manipulating the court to turn his defense into a show to propagate his racist opinions.

Prosecutors and lawyers for the families of his 77 victims have often warned Breivik over his defense statements and asked him to cut it short.

The villain, during the past two days of his terror trial, has confessed that he killed 77 people, but rejected the authority of the court, while defending his acts with a remorseless speech.

Breivik claimed that his victims were part of a conspiracy to "deconstruct" Norway's cultural identity, and lashed out at Norwegian and European governments for embracing immigration and multiculturalism.

The court's main judge interrupted repeatedly, admonishing Breivik to get to the point, but let him continue after he threatened to quit addressing the court altogether if he wasn't allowed to deliver his entire speech.

A lawyer representing victim's families, also interrupted Breivik, saying she had received complaints from victims that the defendant was turning the trial into a platform for his extremist views.

TRT, Reuters