Australia has decided to withdraw its troops from Afghanistan a year in advance.

Australian troops to withdraw from Afghanistan
Posted 17.04.2012 07:40:34 UTC
Updated 17.04.2012 07:40:34 UTC

Australian Prime Minister Julia Gillard has said that the 1550-strong unit will be pulled out of Afghanistan as of the end of 2013.

Gillard said further that great distance had been covered in the struggle against Taliban and the training of Afghan officials and the Australian troops' mission in Afghanistan was nearing completion.

Gillard will also argue for the withdraw deadline set as December 2014 to be taken a year earlier at the security summit to be held in the US on May 20.

The US administration wants the security system to be established well in Afghanistan for the country not to be dragged into chaos again after the withdrawal of troops.

The scandals the American soldiers have recently been involved in and the increased reaction by the Afghan people in the face of all that have brought up the matter of foreign troops' withdrawal from Afghanistan.