Two explosions occurred yesterday in the capital Ankara's Ostim industrial area.

Two explosions in Ankara left 18 dead
Posted 04.02.2011 09:41:27 UTC
Updated 04.02.2011 14:23:03 UTC

The first blast took place early in the morning at a small facility manufacturing hydrolic machinery. It claimed the lives of 7 people and injured 34 others.

Two floors of the 4 storey building collapsed in the explosion believed to have been caused by the oxygen tanks.

The same neighbourhood was shattered by a second explosion about 8 hours after the first one.

It left 11 people dead and 8 others injured.

This concern where thinner and car paint is produced and which is about 1km from the first scene turned into a fireball with all the thinner and car paint tanks going off one after another. The cars running on LPG systems also caught fire and exploded.

The huge blaze which followed spread to other buildings in the neighbourhood , also causing the cars in the vicinity to burn.

The governor's office said that there were no links between the two explosions and oxygen tanks may have triggered the blasts.

Industry and Trade Minister Nihat Ergün said technical teams were formed and a thorough investigation will be launched.

Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdoğan went to the scene of the incident and conducted inspections in the evening. He was briefed by the officials about how the blasts may have occurred.