The leader of the Catholic world Pope Francis has sent a letter to Egypt's Sheik of Al Azhar, Ahmed et-Tayyib, in which he said that the Vatican respects Islam and Muslims.

Letter to Al Azhar from the Pontiff
Posted 18.09.2013 07:00:37 UTC
Updated 18.09.2013 07:00:37 UTC

Vatican's new ambassador to Egypt Van Paul Goupil who paid a visit to the Sheik conveyed to him a letter written by the Pontiff.

The letter reportedly calls for Muslims and Christians to understand each other and says he has been working for justice and peace to prevail in the world.

A statement made by the Sheik's office said Sheik Ahmed et-Tayyib made it clear to the Vatican ambassador that the anti-Islam discourse in the West was their red line and the Sheik rejected it outright.

The Sheik is quated as having said that he respects all divine religions and is of the conviction that human honour must be protected.

An official from Al Azhar said that the visit had borne a strong message regarding the normalization of Al Azhar-Vatican relations.

The highest religious authority in Egypt, Al Azhar decided to freeze its relations with the Vatican in January 2011 following the rhetoric against Islam by Pope Benedictus XVI.

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