EP President Martin Schulz has warned EU countries

Schulz: "The fall of EU is a realist scenario"
Posted 26.04.2012 12:01:34 UTC
Updated 26.04.2012 12:01:34 UTC

European Parliament President Martin Schulz warns EU members: "EU fall is a realist scenario".

Referring to rising xenophobia and the debates on reinstalling border controls Schulz said "we should stand together against nationalistic tendencies."

In his address to European Commission members Schulz began his speech by criticizing the unilateral decisions of EU leaders.

Stating that it overshadows the convention method Schulz said decisions' being taken behind closed doors was irritating.

EP President also touched upon calls from France and Germany about reinstalling border controls.

German politician said "Each restriction on freedom of travel is an attack against the building blocks of European Union." The downfall warning of Martin Schulz for EU made a cold-shower effect on Commission members.

Pointing to members' getting their authorities back from EU and rising xenophobia Schulz said in such an atmosphere the fall of EU is a realist scenario.

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